Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever is Blue Jeans is, comfortable, familiar, easy to your best fitting, favorite pair of jeans.

Lavender and orange feel cozy, like your favorite faded jeans worn thin at the knees, while patchouli and anise speak designer, even down to the faux-distressed look of the fabric, faded and ripped, perfectly so. Strike a pose of confidence as you marinate in this blend of essential oils, forever familiar and forever comfortable.

We think you'll love it, 100% guaranteed.

All of our products are simply made in Oklahoma, with pure ingredients and tender loving care. Our soaps are formulated with basic, old fashioned oils and fats, including beneficial fresh goat's milk, and are designed to lather abundantly, cleanse appropriately, and leave your skin, healthy, pampered and smelling great. Through a rustic appearance, and wholesome simplicity, our products offer five star fragrances, and are guaranteed to take you to a happy place! We're excited to bring you a little slice of joy!

Ingredients:  Coconut oil, lard, olive oil, fresh goat milk, castor oil, titanium dioxide, mica, proprietary essential oil blend, glitter.

Simply made. Pure ingredients.

Net wt 4.5 oz.

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