About Us

 Who Are We?

We are a small Oklahoma family business.

We are old fashioned and simple.

We are Joe, Hayley and Kim.

What We Do.

We pamper people.
We make skin happy....

with goat milk and love.


Because when you smell good, you feel good.

Feeling good promotes confidence and happiness.

Our goal is to bring a slice of joy to your place, everyday.


Our soaps and skin care products are old fashioned.  They are made for pampering, for smelling good, for feeling good, and oozing confidence, dignity, and self esteem.  Created with tender loving care, by hand, in small batches, and formulated with basic oils and butters, like in the "olden days".  Our products are made simply to cleanse, moisturize, and pamper every square inch of your unique birthday suit.  Wash dirt, troubles and insecurities down the drain and dress in courage, spunk and ambition.  Let us take you to a happy place.  We use phthalate free, top quality fragrance oils and essential oils for a stronger, richer, longer lasting scent. Our soaps may look rustic and rugged, but they are loaded with five-star fragrance.  Smell the Difference!

Because you want to feel good.

Nothing feels better on your skin than a Simply Pure-fect bar of goat milk soap.  With an abundant lather, it moisturizes, and nourishes thirsty skin.  Our blend of coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and lard, is exposed to sodium hydroxide (lye), and through the natural process of saponification, yields a gentle glycerin cleanser that is skin-loving, long lasting, and super sudsy.  Hands down better than any commercial soap on the shelves. Feel the difference!

Because we want to take you to a happy place.

Our goal is simple....pamper you, make you smell good, make you feel good and transport you to a happy place.  Let us make a difference!

Hi, my name is Kim, and here is the

Simply Pure-fect story....

I'm the founder, and pure-prietor of Simply Pure-fect, Inc.  I create goat milk soap and other bath and body essentials in my Oklahoma home. I formulate, brand, research, market, sell, label and deliver, Simply Pure-fect products, making lots of happy people.  I am a wife of 30 years, a Christian, a mom to three grown children and Mimi to two beautiful granddaughters. Joe is father, husband, papa, leader and business owner.  He has funded the start up and continues to provide help with soapmaking, labeling and is chief guinea pig!  We don't test our products on animals, we test only on husbands!  Hayley is our daughter, co-soaper, and salesperson.  Hayley also helps out with testing products, labeling, packaging, and deliveries....that is, when she's home from college.

Back in 2012, when my first granddaughter was born, I remember feeling her silky soft, brand new skin.  I had forgotten how precious newborn skin feels. 

Fast forward a few years.... 

Goat. Milk. Love.

I bought a bar of goat milk soap in the grocery store because I loved the way it smelled.  After using it, I noticed my skin felt more silky, more like my granddaughter's young skin.  I researched the benefits of goat milk and was amazed at all the healthy benefits it offered. Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, click here for more information. Soon, I began crafting my own goat milk soap for personal use.  In late 2015, I thought about selling the soap I was making.  My friends and family loved it and I was hoping to offer healthier, younger looking skin to others. 

Simply made, with pure ingredients. 

My goal is simple.  I love the way goat milk soap feels on my skin,  and I love the way it smells. 

I like starting the day from a happy place. Sharing joy and happiness, was what launched the idea for Simply Pure-fect back in 2016. Making quality products that feel great, look great and smell great.  Our soaps are made with old fashioned, wholesome simplicity and have a rustic appearance, but with five-star fragrance.

Pure-fect, not Perfect.

Our soaps are rustic and rugged....they may have cracks, air bubbles and imperfections that give each individual bar a unique, and rugged look, but these aesthetic features do not affect the performance of the soap.  Our philosophy is to make soap that gets ya clean and makes ya smell good, and takes you to a happier place.  Our soap bars aren't complicated or fancy, but they will make your bathroom, and your skin, smell amazing! 
Made in Oklahoma. 
I'm proud of my state. Proud of its culture, its adventure, and its history.  I love Made in Oklahoma products, because they represent the heart and soul of our state through creativity and innovation.  Oklahoma small businesses like ours are built by adventurers, risk takers, people willing to work hard, willing to make mistakes, willing to fail, learn, get up and try again.  People in Oklahoma are simple. Soap made in Oklahoma is Simply Pure-fect. Amen!  For more happy thoughts and simple living, visit our instagram feed, follow on twitter, or like us on facebook. For discounts, specials and to be the first to know about new products....Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.
So....that's our little company.  It's pure, simple, old fashioned, and gives me, and my family, purpose and value.  I hope you also find purpose and value in our products. If you make a purchase from Simply Pure-fect, I hope it brings you happiness and a simple pampering pleasure.  (Be sure to look for your token of happiness hidden in each online purchase.)  If it doesn't measure up to your expectations, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right, see our 100% guarantee.  If it does, will you please spread the joy? Write a review for others on any channel, Amazon, Facebook, Website or Google.  I'd love for you to connect with me on social media, or write an email.  Call me crazy, but I want to get to know my customers!  I want to become friends!