Natural Laundry Soap

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We said Laundry Soap....

Not Laundry Detergent.

Because our Simply Pure-fect Laundry solution is made with a special recipe coconut oil and goat milk soap that offers a wonderful cleansing product and is made without chemicals, phosphates, clays, or fillers that many commercial detergents contain.

If you're using Simply Pure-fect Goat Milk Soaps and keeping nasty chemicals off your skin, then you should also consider how commercial laundry detergents that contain chemicals, come in contact with your skin and may cause irritation. Simply Pure-fect laundry soap is simply made with a specially formulated coconut oil soap, borax, and washing soda, baking soda, goat milk for a natural fabric softener and a few drops of essential oil or fragrance for a fresh scent.

High Efficiency: Keep in mind, Simply Pure-fect laundry soap will not suds like the store bought detergents, but it will still get your clothes just as clean and is better for your washing machine, your septic system, the environment, and your skin.

Septic Systems: We generally hear not to use powdered laundry detergent because consumers typically use too much and it doesn't get dissolved properly, plus, bargain powders have large amounts of non-biodegradable fillers like clay that clog the pores in the soil of your drain field.

You can use Simply Pure-fect Laundry Soap with confidence. Only safe biodegradables enter into the water supply from our soap and with minimal disposable packaging, our product is more earth friendly than it's commercial cousins.


HE/Front load machines - Use 1 T

Regular Top Load Machines - Use 2T

Use and extra Tablespoon for heavily soiled loads

Optional: Use 1/2 cup white vinegar in rinse cycle to soften and brighten and use 1 c hydrogen peroxide in the bleach compartment as a whitener. Try our Simply Pure-fect Stain Stick for fighting stains, it's the best!

We think you'll love it, 100% guaranteed.

All of our products are simply made in Oklahoma, with pure ingredients and tender loving care. Our soaps are formulated with basic, old fashioned oils and fats, including beneficial fresh goat's milk, and are designed to lather abundantly, cleanse appropriately, and leave your skin, healthy, pampered and smelling great. Through a rustic appearance, and wholesome simplicity, our products offer five star fragrances, and are guaranteed to take you to a happy place! We're excited to bring you a little slice of joy!

Ingredients:  Sodium Borate, Sodium Carbonate, goat milk soap, Sodium Bicarbonate, essential oil or fragrance.

Simply made. Pure ingredients.

Net wt 32 oz. and includes a free measuring scoop.

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